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How working in Spain helped my professional growth

From Las Palmas to Berlin

I accidentally discovered this post talking about the 20 reasons why you should go to Spain. Most of them are related to incredibly awesome beaches, unique gastronomy and tremendous parties. And on top of that a whole bunch of cultural reasons: from architecture to archaeology, from art to tradition. So if you haven’t been to Spain yet, now you really must. And even if you have already spent there some time, take a couple of months off and go discover something new. You will thank me later.

Spain has been my second home during many years, and sometimes I wonder if it managed to take the first place in my heart. Originally my first home is Italy, the place where I was born and where I have spent all my childhood. It is not easy to determinate which one of them is the best, as they are both so similar in their legendary beauty. So instead of making comparison I prefer to just smile while I think how lucky I have been my whole life.

However, I am not working in Spain anymore. I have recently moved to Berlin, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, but very different from what I was used to. And just like me, more than 40.000 Spanish people decide to leave their country every year. There would be nothing wrong with that, if it wasn’t that they are not happy with leaving.

You may be wondering why would someone trade 300 days of sun per year with any other place in the world. They do so because they are forced to choose between a hopeless career in their homeland or the prospect of an enriching life in a country that still believes in the word innovation.

This is the reason why I am in Berlin. This is why I chose the city that is blooming like no other, after an incredibly difficult period that ended just two decades ago. Here the air is vibrant, the people spark and they make me feel so comfortable I have almost forgotten that I have been here for just a few months.

But when I left Spain, I packed a very important lesson that I will carry wherever I will go. I have learnt how to always find a solution. When nobody is going to help you and there is no process or common practice for even the most basic task, you have to find your way out creatively. I don’t expect things to be done, I always check up on them because it is very probable that the mechanism is going to fail somewhere.

On top of that I have learnt how to engage people to reach the common goal. My strategy? Always be polite, respect other people’s work and when you give your word on something, no matter what, always keep your promise. So I try to be wise and give my word only if I am really capable of bearing the consequences. On the long run, being polite will pay you back more than being a jerk.

All of this I have learnt from Spanish people. And this lesson they taught me surely contains the soul of this country. Thousands of years of history spent between invasions, discoveries, influences and creations. All transposed in the DNA of every single Spanish I have met. Thanks to them I have learnt how to survive in a game where the rules change every day.

So I would like to add a new reason to the 20-reason-to-go-to-Spain: go because of the Spanish people. They are open-minded, they are dreamers, they are truly generous. And thank to their art of always finding a solution they are capable of the most incredible things.

They just may not know it yet.

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