About me and you

This page is not only about me. It’s about the two of us.

But you may wonder who I am. My name is Davide Mazzanti and I am a professional Project Manager. I have been living in Spain, Italy, and currently I am enjoying my life in Berlin. Also, I have been working for two of the best mobile companies in the world. And I have two chinchillas, Pinky and Pyku.

But let’s talk about us.

I am a huge fan of innovation. And so are you. I think that there is always a better way to do anything, and so do you. I also believe that love and passion help converting good things into great things. And you feel the same.

Finally, both you and I are here because we strongly believe that we are made for something big. We want to feed our mind and get our hands dirty with things that most of people doesn’t even want to try to understand.

So, my friend, welcome to my humble place. I hope you might enjoy reading these pages at least as much I enjoy writing them.

Shall we get in touch?

Find me on LinkedInTwitter and Somewhere (and yes, I do not have a Facebook)

Davide Mazzanti